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Tips For Getting a Job In The Security Industry

The security industry is a thriving and ever-growing one. With countless roles in a variety of areas, there are plenty of opportunities for an exciting career in security that suits and interests you. However, like any role in any industry, how you represent yourself will affect your job prospects. From the moment you first communicate with potential employers, it is crucial that you give a good impression and handle yourself professionally. We’ve put together some tips to help you start your journey as a security guard in the best and most effective way possible.

Get your SIA license.

- This is your first step to becoming a security guard.

- The Security Industry Authority regulates the private security industry in the UK.

- You must have an SIA license by law to operate as a private security guard.

- This involves signing up for a training course, completing it and passing any tests and exams, and then you applying for your SIA license once you have received your certificate.

Create a professional CV.

- Your CV is likely to be the first impression that potential employers are going to get from you. It’s very important that you put some time into creating a stand out CV, that will give you the chance to prove yourself in an interview.

- You should make sure that it is relevant to the job you’re applying to, and makes it clear why you are right for it. Include your skills and any applicable experience and training.

- Keep it simple and clear.

- Make sure it is well presented and in a neat clear font. Run it through spell-check. It can also be useful to get someone else to read it through for you in case you have missed any mistakes.

Prepare for your interview.

- If you are offered an interview then make sure you put some time aside to get ready for it.

- Be prepared to discuss your experience in detail with your interviewer.

- Do your research on the company. Make sure you understand exactly what they do and what they value. It is good practice to have some questions prepared to ask in your interview as well. This will show you’ve done your homework and are showing interest in the company, leaving a good impression.

- Present yourself well.

- First impressions make a huge difference. In a people facing, service industry like this, your appearance counts. Iron your shirts, tidy your beards, trim your nails, and polish your shoes.

- It is more professional and appealing to potential clients if you are well presented and smart. Take note of any dress codes you’ve been advised of from the company and stick to it! Take time to get ready and give yourself the best possible chance of leaving a good impression.

Extra certifications.

-Taking your training further in areas that interest you, will make you more desirable to employers and will help you. There are plenty of educational opportunities out there to improve your skillset.

- Continue to learn. Getting your SIA badge doesn’t make you a great guard, that is down to you. Keep learning from those around you and more experienced guards, and always find ways to improve and learn from your experiences in the field.

- Extra certifications could lead to better job opportunities, a better salary, and more challenging and exciting roles.

If you think you have what it takes to become part of FFA then you can apply directly through our website at . We are always on the lookout for professional and trustworthy guards to join our team, and you could be the perfect fit!

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