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The Importance of Security For Your Commercial Business

Owning or managing a business comes with a variety of responsibilities. One of those is keeping premises, assets, and people safe and secure. There are multiple reasons why security is essential to your business and it is important to ensure you have suitable measures in place.

In this article we will discuss the importance of a variety of security measures for commercial business premises and how they all work together to keep you and you property safe.

There is a saying, "prevention is better than a cure", and this applies to security for your premises. Visible security measures in place can work as a great deterrent for criminals targeting your business.

Security guards, access control measures, CCTV systems, intruder alarms, and visible signage informing people that you have these systems in place all work together to reduce the chances of a crime taking place on your premises.

Why do I need security measures?

Businesses usually make use of security systems in an effort to keep property and valuables safe, as well as ensuring compliance with terms of insurance cover.

Having security systems in place means you are statistically less likely to have a theft take place. A reason for this is is because security systems act as a deterrent. Criminals will consider the fact that their chances of being caught out increase substantially when physical security guards on site, CCTV, and alarm systems are in place. They also know that they have less time to commit crime should they manage to gain access to the property.

In the unlikely event that a crime does take place, despite the security systems you have in place, there is a greater chance of the criminals being caught.

Security guards can alert emergency services and detain criminals whilst a CCTV system can provide important evidence in securing a conviction against criminals.

Finally, you have a responsibility as a business owner to keep your employees and visitors to your site safe. To do this, you must take measures to reduce the risk of harm and one way of doing this is to install security measures on the premises.

Having an appropriate level of security, shows your staff and visitors that you place great importance on reducing the potential risk of harm to them and the subsequent trauma from those experiences. Security can act as a great reassurance to know that they and their possessions are safe.

What security measures should I use?

There is a vast array of security systems that you can choose.. It is important to engage an expert for advice regarding the right ones for the size of your premises and the type of business. A good security company will ensure to help you choose what is most appropriate for you.

Some examples would be:

- Security guards

Security guards are there to protect both people and assets as a first line of defence against criminals. Businesses often hire security guards to control access. Whether your office stores sensitive client information, holds stock in warehouses, or has areas closed to members of the public, security guards can give you the peace of mind that your needs are being met. Should someone attempt to enter these areas security guards are the first line of defence.

- CCTV systems

CCTV is a great tool that works as a deterrent as it can provide indisputable evidence.

Ensuring it is installed correctly and monitored at all times can give your business peace of mind knowing you have systems in place that are protecting your assets and your people.

- Fire alarms

Are extremely important to mitigate the damage done by either accidental or intentional arsonists. Testing these regularly and ensuring they are working can save your business valuable time and resources.

- Intruder alarms

Intruder alarms are a valuable tool in alerting your security company and scaring criminals away from your premises should they attempt access. It is important to note that these work best when linked to a fast response security company as response times from the authorities can vary greatly, leaving your business at risk.

These systems all work together to ensure you have covered all bases in securing your premises against different threats.

Security should always be a priority, and not a reactive action, and there is no time like the present to explore what is right for you. By doing so you are protecting your premises, valuables, and your staff.

FFA Security Group can help with all of the above solutions and more. Why not get in touch on 0208 050 7671 or email us at Your business's safety and security is always our top priority and we can help you put together a plan to ensure this.


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