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Our values at FFA Security Group

We are a modern-day solution, in an ever modernising world. We’d hope that our position on diversity wouldn’t need to be mapped out, we’d hope that it could be a given. However, as a new company, we feel it is imperative to be clear about where we stand.

At FFA we stand strongly against; racism, homophobia, misogyny, and all forms of discrimination.

Our hiring practices have reflected this from the start and always will maintain this stance. Meanwhile, we are committed to providing our existing team with front running guidelines and training on diversity and relations, as well as actively combating related challenges that may arise in this public-facing sector. We maintain these pivotal values throughout our company and have an immutable zero-tolerance policy on discrimination.

In an ever-expanding industry we want to be an example of positive change in diversification and equal opportunity. Despite growing diversity amongst license holders, the SIA has found* that those from an ethnic minority background are more likely to have experienced certain challenges than their white colleagues. This includes being limited to more elementary roles, considering career progression more difficult, as well as feeling more concerned about their job security. It was also found that being from an ethnic minority background in this industry has led to having experienced being placed in less attractive and more dangerous roles than their white British colleagues.

Issues such as these are likely due to a lack of diversity in leadership roles and a lack of understanding of institutional racism that many industries have helped to create and maintain. We must do better, there is no space left for company directors who don’t acknowledge the privileges that their white skin affords them. We must actively understand the differences between prejudice and racism and how this has affected our choices in the past, in order to alter and better them for the future.

It is not enough to be passive on these topics. There is a responsibility as a company to lead by example and now is the time to listen and learn, not from people who look like you, but from the people of colour who are trying to educate on what they need.

At FFA Security Group we will tackle racism and prejudice head-on, and help progress towards an industry where perhaps this approach can be the rule, not the exception.

*- Data from ‘Equality and Diversity in the Private Security Industry.’ Published by Security Industry Authority April 2015

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