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Fire Watch Services

Fire Watch Services, or Waking Watch Services, involves stationed guards and marshalls in either commercial or residential properties when fire risks are increased on the site. This can be for a number of reasons, highlighted in this article, and is an imperative step to maintain the safety and security of your building and residents.

The London Fire Brigade requires by law that all premises reach and maintain set standards, as well as completing regular Fire Risk Assessments. Fire Watch Services are therefore sometimes necessary should a problem be uncovered where the building is not meeting regulatory standards.

Why might you need to hire a fire watch service?

  • Whilst works are being completed to improve fire safety on site, bringing in a dedicated team temporarily allows you to meet the specifications required by law and maintain optimum fire safety.

  • If fire alarm systems are going to be down for longer than 4 hours, it is imperative that a fire watch service is present during this time.

  • If water is being turned off that will impair the sprinkler system a fire watch service is also a legal requirement

  • If “hot works” are being completed such as welding on the site

  • If hazardous demolition is being completed on the site.

  • Longer-term fire watch services may be required should you deem your property to be of particularly high risk eg ACM cladding or similar.

This is not an exclusive list and therefore it is important that you keep up to date with local and nationwide regulations when it comes to fire safety to ensure that your property and assets are kept safe.

Fire watch guards provide much-needed peace of mind for both owners of the property as well as for occupants. A Fire Watch Officers' sole role is to manage any fire risks, and to find and raise the alarm should a fire break out. They will then alert the emergency services as well as efficiently and safely evacuating the building. We only provide the most highly experienced security officers with full Fire Marshall training, equipped to professionally deal with any circumstances that may arise.

Using Fire Watch Officers who are also trained security guards allows you to cover all bases of maintaining the safety and security of your site and therefore is a comprehensive approach to tackling any difficult issues that may arise.

Here at FFA Security Group we are ready to work with you to assess exactly where our services could benefit you and create a plan accordingly.

You can get a no-obligation quote from our website or ring us on 0208 050 7671 or email us at Nothing is more important than the safety and security of your property and people within it, we are here to provide round the clock services to maintain this and your peace of mind.


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