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Ask for Angela Scheme

Ask For Angela Private Security Company London
Ask For Angela Private Security Company London

With women's safety at night at the forefront of national conversation, various schemes surrounding it are seeing an emergence. If you are not familiar with the phrase ‘Ask for Angela’, you should be. This applies to both licensed venue owners and anyone who goes out at night.

"Ask for Angela" is one that many in the hospitality will be familiar with but is now getting a new government backed push for increased widespread use. This safety initiative aimed at reducing sexual violence and vulnerability has been active in localised areas of the UK for a few years and is currently being rolled out across London’s bars, clubs and other licensed businesses in a widespread campaign by the Metropolitan Police.

People who find themselves in a difficult situation such as feeling unsafe, vulnerable or threatened can discreetly seek help by approaching venue staff and asking them for ‘Angela’. Use of the code-phrase indicates that they need help with their situation and a trained member of staff will then look to support and assist them with minimal fuss. This could be through reuniting them with a friend, escorting them to a taxi, by calling venue security and/or the police if required.

Prevention is the best cure. All too often we find it is the idea of public confrontation or a scene that keeps people putting up with bad situations on a night out and ultimately leaving themselves at risk. ‘Ask for Angela’ gives people the opportunity to quietly ask for help and head things off before they escalate or if they are escalating already, to get help fast.

As a bar, club or venue, having a reputation for supporting customers in times of need will, without doubt, encourage repeat customt. If your customers feel safe, relaxed and supported, they will be back. For a venue supporting the scheme, it is important to ensure all staff are trained to respond to requests for assistance and have a full understanding of different solutions they can offer.

The role of venue security in 2021 has evolved far beyond the idea of ‘large beefy bouncers’. As the first port of call on arrival at your premises, your security team should be engaged with your customers, reflect the tone of your business and operate with social and broader welfare awareness at all times. Night time security is no longer about muscular cliches. Instead,well-trained and personable security teams and door staff can add value as the world becomes more safety conscious and we continue to shine spotlights on previously taboo issues such as sexual violence and vulnerability.

FFA: Professional Security Services

At FFA Security Group, as a woman owned and led business we believe in not just talking about creating safer public spaces, but actioning on it. Everyone should be able to enjoy a night out safely and business owners should be able to rely on their support teams to be fully educated in both social welfare and diversity. Reach out to us if you are looking for high quality security solutions across London with up to date training far beyond the standard SIA badge.

We offer bespoke security and training solutions, tailored to your every need. In order to provide the best possible service for our customers, we believe in supporting our employees with the best possible training.

That's why, in addition to only employing carefully vetted, fully licensed staff, we go over and above the minimum legal requirements to obtain a SIA license. Our staff receive additional training in multiple fields, including customer service, sexual harassment and diversity and inclusion.

So if you need flexible security solutions in the London area and want a supplier whose core values are diligence, professionalism and reliability, contact FFA Security Group today. Call 0208 050 7671 or email for a quote.

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