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FFA Security Group London Mobile Patrol

Mobile Patrol Security Services

FFA can provide mobile security for all kinds of premises.


Our SIA Licensed teams can carry out regular patrols of your site and maintain surveillance and protection for both vacant and working sites, to protect your assets as well as stop vandalism and unauthorized inhabiting of your premises.


A visible security presence is also important to deter criminal activity. Our reputable security service will provide the best strategies to keep your business safe and secure 24/7. 

We can provide mobile security guard patrol units for all kinds of premises all over London including but not limited to warehouses, indoor and outdoor storage facilities, offices, factories, private residences, and event sites.

Our team is available for regular patrols, as well as assisting with emergency call-outs and alarm response, can report on and assist with out-of-hours maintenance response, provide third-party access, and maintain a visible security presence as a criminal deterrent. 

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